Club Rules


Be Positive.

A positive training environment is everybody’s responsibility. I will not let frustration negatively affect my attitude towards others.


Be Respectful.

Our club is an inclusive community. I will respect everyone regardless of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status and so on.


Be Prepared.

Appropriate gear is mandatory. I will purchase my own training equipment and come to class wearing the appropriate attire.


Be sAfe.

Hand-to-hand and weapons training is dangerous. I will always follow instructions, respect my training partner, and I will not treat my weapons like toys.


Be Clean.

Cleanliness reflects my attitude. I will be hygienic and maintain a clean training environment out of respect for the system, the club, my classmates, and my coaches.


Be Early.

Early is on time, on time is late. I will arrive a few minutes before class begins to maintain my equipment, change my clothes, stretch, and use the restroom.


Be Fiscal.

Paying tuition keeps the lights on. I will ensure my dues are paid on time so that the club can continue to help me train and grow.


Be attentive.

The coaches are there for a reason. I will always follow instructions regarding my training and ask questions if I do not understand.


Intercept and Escalate

The best defense is a strong counter-offense. We teach you to harness adrenaline and act with confidence at high speed, neutralizing the threat without the use of equalizers.