DC Metro Area Piper Tripwire Knife Method Seminar

DC Metro Area Piper Tripwire Knife Method Seminar

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What is Piper?

The Piper Tripwire Method is a criminal-simulation system that analyzes violent crime as they are perpetrated by bad actors in the prisons and streets of South Africa.

First developed within the prison system of South Africa, these proven knife skills then metastasized onto the streets where gang members who could not easily acquire firearms still needed lethal weapons.

The techniques that survived in the Piper System are those that continue to be used by violent criminals to establish their dominance on the street and in the prison yard.

Our aim is to separate the content from the culture, to make the knowledge available to good people without the highly toxic, socially destructive cultural baggage that surrounds it. A must for soldiers, special operators, and law enforcement.

Sign up for the very first Piper Tripwire System Seminar on the east-coast seminar. Hosted by Lightning Strike Combat in the Washington, DC Metro Area at the Mikido location in Baileys Crossroad, VA.

The session will be taught by Lloyd De Jongh’s US Representative for the Piper Tripwire Method, John Bednarski.

Day 1 - Introduction to Piper Tripwire Methods and its constituent parts.

Day 2 - Applications of Knife Methods, Mechanics, and Ranges


3/30/2019 From 1pm-4pm

3/31/2019 From 1pm-4pm


3443 Carlin Springs Road, Bailey’s Crossroads, VA 22041

Required equipment:

  • 3.0” - 3.5” Straight Knife Trainer (Preferably Nok knife or similar )

  • Loose Fitting Clothing

  • Bottle of water

  • Cup

  • Mouth guard

  • Notebook (recommended)

Space is limited so book your spot today!

"I highly recommend studying the Piper System of blade craft. Do yourself a favor and learn this art. I practice it often. The Piper System will give you great insight into high-level knife work." - Sifu Burton Richardson, Jeet Kune Do

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